Best gifts for plant lovers

39 Best Gifts for Plant Lovers

If you’re looking for fabulous, useful, funny, and/or unique gifts for plant lovers, especially houseplant lovers, then you’ve come to the right place!

Because there’s a wide variety of plant-related gifts and because each plant lover is unique, I’ve divided this gift guide into the following sections to help you find the perfect gift:

  • Practical and useful gifts for houseplant lovers
  • Unique gifts for people who love plants
  • Best plants to give as gifts
  • Funny gifts for plant lovers

Ok let’s dive right in and quickly check all the people who love plants off your shopping list AND ensure that they (or you 😉 ) are getting a fabulous gift!

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Practical and Useful Gifts for Houseplant Lovers

Plant Stands

Any plant lover will inevitably need plant stand(s) to properly display their plant babies.

There’s a large variety of plant stands out there, so I’ll try to break down the different kinds below and describe the type of plant person each is best suited for.

Good plant stands that anybody can use

Link to buy mid-century modern plant stand for 1 plant

1. If you’re unsure what kind of plant stand your plant-loving friend will like, this plant stand works for literally anybody. It doesn’t take up any extra space but still raises the plant off the floor, and it’s mid-century modern design can fit in and upgrade any décor. (Note that the pot is not included. If you want this kind of stand with a pot, see #2 below.)

Link to buy plant stand for 1 plant with ceramic pot

2. If you’d like a similar stand to that in #1 but also want it to come with a beautiful ceramic pot, I highly recommend this plant stand. It’s sure to add extra style to any space.

Link to buy wooden plant stand for 5 to 9 plants

3. Now this plant stand would also likely work for most people. It can hold 5-9 plants but is still on the smaller side if you’re not sure how much room your plant-loving friend has.

Link to buy vertical plant stand for up to 7 plants

4. Here’s another popular plant stand that can hold up to 7 plants but is vertical so it takes up minimal floor space. It’s sturdy yet cost effective, and it’s simple design can work almost anywhere.

Tall and elegant plant stand

Link to buy 2 tall, elegant plant stands for up to 10 plants

5. This plant stand is the most wished for according to Amazon (meaning it must be on a lot of people’s wish lists!)

I love it’s tall, elegant design and the fact that it doesn’t take up a lot of floor space. It’s one of the more expensive plant stands, but it’s sturdy and comes with 2 stands (as pictured), which can be placed either together or separate.

Large plant stands for the extreme collector

Link to buy large wooden plant stand for up to 17 plants

6. If the plant lover you know is an extreme collector, they might like a large plant stand like this that can hold up to 17 pots of various sizes. It’s sturdy and maybe a little difficult to assemble, but well worth it!

Outdoor plant stands

I personally like having metal plant stands for outdoor use because they hold up better in weather. And if they eventually do begin to rust, it’s easy enough to just lightly sand it and then spray paint the stand. I’ve done this myself — it’s super easy and will make the plant stand look brand new!

Link to buy 2-shelf metal plant stand for up to 6 plants

7. I recommend this metal plant stand because it’s stable and good quality for the price, plus it frees up a lot of space and creates a nice display.

Link to buy 3-tier metal plant stand for up to 12 plants

8. I also have this metal plant stand and like it a lot. It takes up a little more floor space since it’s a step design instead of a purely vertical design, but as long as space isn’t an issue, it works great. Plus, I like that tall plants can be placed on it without worrying about hitting an upper shelf.

Other Practical/Useful Gifts

Watering can

Link to buy copper-colored watering can

9. This copper colored watering can is not only practical for indoor use but also decorative. It can be displayed along with your plants rather than tucked away in a closet or cupboard.

It holds 40 ounces of water so it’s not huge, but it can be great for the casual plant owner.

Link to buy watering globes

10. For someone who travels a lot, these watering globes are a lifesaver. You can fill them with water, stick them in the soil, and they will water your plants as the plant needs it while you’re gone. They’re also cute and decorative and come in different lengths.

Seagrass plant holder basket

Link to buy seagrass plant baskets

11. These seagrass plant baskets are made of 100% natural woven seagrass. They’re eco-friendly and add a more natural look to a space. They’re great for larger plants and are sold in a variety of sizes.

Planter pots

I absolutely love all the Potey planter pots! You really can’t go wrong with them, but I’ve highlighted a few of my favorites below.

Link to buy decorative cement planter pot

12. This cement planter is super unique and has a beautiful design in multiple colors (I have the yellow version).

Link to buy textured ceramic planter pots

13. I also really like these ceramic pots made by Potey. They add great texture to a room and they come in different colors as well.

Link to buy elegant looking planter pots

14. These pots are great for a more elegant look.


Humidity is important for many tropical houseplants. If the planty person you know lives in a dry climate but loves houseplants, they will be very happy to be gifted a humidifier to keep their plants healthy and happy.

Here are two I recommend:

Link to buy small humidifier

15. This humidifier is great for a small room or a more subtle look (some humidifiers are large and bulky looking). If you go with this one, you’ll also need this hygrometer to monitor the humidity levels to know when to turn the humidifier on/off. Most houseplants like a humidity of 50 to 60%.

Link to buy large Levoit humidifier

16. This Levoit humidifier is the best in my opinion and highly recommended throughout the plant community. Although it is large, it can maintain the humidity of a large room/area AND you can set it to maintain any humidity level you choose (so less work on your part). It also comes in white and black colors.

Link to buy indoor gardening kit

17. An indoor gardening kit can be a great gift idea for anyone who loves to cook with fresh ingredients. This kit comes with a variety of herb seeds, and you can grow 6 different plants at one time.

Link to buy propagation station with 3 glass vases

18. I love this stylish yet practical propagation station. It’s a great way to display plant cuttings while they’re growing roots.

Unique Gifts for People Who Love Plants

Link to buy levitating planter

19. Something I haven’t seen many places are these levitating planters.
They use magnets to make these planters literally float and even spin in the air with nothing attached. Great conversation starter! Works best with air plants or small succulents.

20. Of all the leaf-inspired accent pillows I’ve seen, nobody makes them better than EnjoyPillows, who make this Monstera leaf pillow (best seller on Etsy). It pairs nicely with this Alocasia Polly leaf pillow that they make as well.

I think what makes EnjoyPillows stand out over the others is how realistic they look compared to all the others I’ve seen.

Link to buy 14 karat gold plumeria stud earrings

21. These 14 karat solid gold tricolor plumeria earrings are so unique and gorgeous and would really make any special lady’s day!

They’re made by a jeweler in Hawaii and look so elegant! Plus solid gold jewelry can last for generations.

Link to buy gold plated Monstera dangling earrings

22. If you’re on a budget, these Monstera earrings are also very cute. They’re not solid gold, but they are gold plated. Gold plated jewelry doesn’t last as long as solid gold, but for the low price you don’t really expect it to. It’s still a great gift that can last a couple years!

Link to buy 1000 piece puzzle with colorful collage of over 50 houseplants

23. This houseplant puzzle is beautiful and would make a great gift for anyone who loves puzzles AND plants!

Link to buy 3-set embroidery kit with floral and houseplant patterns

24. Here’s a great embroidery gift for plant lovers!

Best Plants to Give as Gifts

25. Any type of Pothos plant (Epipremnum aureum) makes a great gift because they are beautiful AND easy to care for.

Link to buy Golden Pothos plant

Pothos are easy to find at your local nursery or garden center, or you can buy pothos online here.

26. Snake plant (Dracaena trifasciata, formerly Sansevieria trifasciata) makes a great gift because of it’s interesting growth habit and because it’s also easy to take care of.

Link to buy snake plant

There are different varieties of snake plant that can often be found at nurseries and shops, or you can buy snake plants here online.

Link to buy Haworthia zebra succulent plant

27. Haworthia zebra succulent is super cute and unique looking and makes a great gift. It does great indoors or in a shady outdoor location.

Link to buy Chinese evergreen plant

28. Chinese evergreen is a beautiful green and pink houseplant that is easy to care for and adds lovely color to any room.

Link to buy Peace Lily houseplant

29. Peace lily houseplants (Spathiphyllum) are very popular, simple to care for, and really do add peace and serenity to any space. This was actually my first house plant (before I even knew how to take care of plants) and I still managed to keep it alive!

Link to buy Lucky Bamboo houseplant

30. Bring lots of luck to your favorite person with a Lucky bamboo houseplant. I love the different designs you can find!

Link to buy Aloe vera plant

31. Aloe vera is a classic plant that any sun lover should have. Anytime I get a sunburn, I put real aloe from my plant on my burn and it heals SO much faster than the aloe you buy in a bottle from the store.

Link to buy Orchid houseplant

32. Orchids are another timeless classic that add elegance to your space and make great gifts for any occasion.

Plant subscriptions

Here are 3 plant subscriptions that make great gifts for plant lovers:

33. The Plant Club. They send a new plant each month (usually a tropical house plant) with a pot and everything else needed to care for the plant, such as soil, a care guide, a decorative topper, and other goodies. A true all in one plant kit!

34. Indoor / Outdoor plant box. This is similar to The Plant Club above, but the plant can be an indoor or outdoor plant. So you’ll have more variety in this plant subscription. And they include everything you need, such as pot, soil, fact sheet, and accessories.

35. Succulents box. This subscription is great for anyone who loves succulents (and who doesn’t?) You can choose boxes with different quantities of succulents, and you can also mix and match succulents and air plants if you like.

Funny Gifts for Plant Lovers

36. “Free Hugs” Cactus Planter Pot

Ok I had to literally laugh out loud when I saw this cactus pot… and it’s now definitely on my Christmas list!

The same Etsy seller has a lot of other funny pots for cacti and succulents that would make great gifts as well, so definitely check out her collection here.

They don’t sell this pot on Amazon, but if you like the “Free hugs cactus” idea, there are funny shirts and mugs here on Amazon that use the same concept.

37. “I Hope You Like Plants” Doormat

This doormat on Etsy is a great (and funny) gift for that crazy plant person in your life (…and yes I’m definitely one of those people).

These doormats are also available on Amazon here, but the quality of the mats seem better on Etsy.

Buy T-shirt that reads I'm a plantaholic on the road to recovery. Just kidding, I'm on my way to get more plants

38. Plantaholic T-Shirt

This Plantaholic T-shirt on Amazon is literally me in a nutshell (and every other crazy plant person). It’s a problem, we know… but we’re not ashamed and would totally rock this T-shirt!

It’s also available on Etsy here.

39. “Happiness is more plants” coffee mug

Truer words were never spoken… and this mug on Etsy is just so stinkin cute! Great for a friend or even a co-worker.

Here’s another mug on Amazon that would also make a great gift.

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